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But if we are really truthful, there are other reasons.

Another Night at Bars?

Or to be more direct, men with a big penis. This big penis dating site is dedicated to quality singles who appreciate quality well endowed men.

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Straight men dating men and the gay men who fall in love them | British GQ

People have called it an app for straight men because of the design, the logo, the name, the fact that interactions include 'fist-bumps'. But maybe that kind of behaviour doesn't have to be restricted to the 'straight' male community. After all, isn't that, in itself, just conforming to another socially-constructed idea of gender and sexuality?

This app has caused loads of media speculation because, in some ways, it all seems so confusing. People have taken it as an app for confused people.

Gay Men: 7 Places to Find Your Next Boyfriend That Are Not in a Bar

Maybe we're just thinking about it too much though. Maybe it's all pretty straightforward. Like BRO's mission statement puts it, a place, "for men that are interested in meeting other men… as simple as that".

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Like I'm doing it all in secret. That's not because I'm a homophobe who doesn't want to be tarnished with homosexuality.

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  6. It's because I'm in a happy relationship and I wouldn't want the missus or her mates catching me on there I think that's all it is, anyway. I was 'marriage-shamed' for getting engaged at Gay conversion therapy: All Together Now: The choir singer dedicating his song to fellow members of the trans community.

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    I'm a drag queen who wants to bring Gay Pride to Grimsby. This is what knife crime does: Game of Thrones: Five of the wildest theories about the final series. The designer using fashion to raise mental health awareness. Five of the best and worst film prequels of all time.

    7 Places to Find Your Next Boyfriend That Are Not a Bar

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    Only one way to find out, I suppose. Let's get Is it simple?